Rasism Talk

This is going to be quite a short post, but I wanted to talk about what happened in Elective History the other day.

We were talking about racism, when my friend Juliet asked: “Why does no one talk about the racism against white people?”

To which this girl, who is African, and said herself that she loves researching racism and the black rights matter. Let’s call her Cressida.

Cressida turned around and had this whole explanation about how you can make racist jokes about white people, but you can’t actually be racist to white people. If a race suffers from racism, it means they are repressed, which can only happen when another race is against them, and takes away rights and treats them differently to other races.

Cressida also explained about how racism began. According to her, it dates all the way back to the bible, when a black man was cursed, and he was cursed to slavery. Then when English people read this in the bible and discovered Africa, they assumed that because they were black, they had sins, and were there to be the English people’s slaves. So they took these people to be their slaves… because they were black.

We have since realised that that isn’t right and that we should all be treated equally and have equal rights, but racism is still alive today, and is a very real problem.

Talk Later

Indy xx

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